Covid-19 Divorce Rise

Sophie Turner and her husband had a seven year marriage. However, the pandemic affected their marriage. According to Turner, ‘I was more stressed…we decided for maybe a trial separation’. What’s more, Turner is a children’s social services support worker.

According to British law firm, Stewarts, divorce inquiries increased 122% between July and October. And this is in comparison with the same period in 2019. In addition to this, Charity Citizen’s Advice relayed increased searches for online information for relationship resolution. 

According to Stewarts’ partner, Carly Kinch, the increase in divorce instances is due to couples being forced together due to lockdowns and social distancing regulations. And this has exacerbated potential splits, and exposed relationship flaws disguised by separate schedules. Kinch explains how ‘the reasons people are divorcing [haven’t] necessarily changed…i think it has just brought the focus on domestic arrangements really into much more sharp focus than they would ordinarily be.’

Kinch asserts that divorce applications usually increase following extended periods of family togetherness. For example, holidays or Christmas time.   


What are the ways to end a marriage or domestic partnership in California?

In California there are three ways to conclude a marriage/domestic partnership. And these include divorce, legal separation, and annulment. In addition to this, the agreement of both spouses to conclude the marriage isn’t required.

Both spouses have the ability to end the marriage, and the other spouse cannot prevent the divorce process. The spouse/partner who wants to get divorce can still obtain a ‘default’ judgement if their partner refuses to engage in the process. 


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