California Divorce Law: Pets As Part Of The Family

A Rhode Island man was very upset. And this is because he was unable to visit his two dogs. Marox and Winnie are their names. And his ex-wife’s instruction is the reason for this.

Paul Giarusso and Diane Marolla are Marox and Winnie’s owners. And Paul Giarusso expressed how, throughout his entire divorce, his ex-wife’s choice was ‘the only thing that could hurt [him]’. Marox is a 16-year-old miniature Italian Greyhound, whilst Winnie its a 14-year-old dachshund-chihuahua cross.

However, a judge decided, in April 2019, that Giarusso could have the dogs every Tuesday and Wednesday. But this was after nearly two years of court battles, beginning in the family court before going to the supreme court. What’s more; about $15,000 was spent in legal fees.

So Paul Giarusso doesn’t have any children. What’s more, the college sports referee states that ‘[his] dogs are like kids”. His ex-wife, Diane, also expressed her dedication to the two dogs. According to Diane, ‘I will compromise everything…but I won’t compromise these dogs’


How is property divided under California divorce law?

In California divorce law, assets gained during the course of a marriage are ‘community property’. And this means that they are owned by both spouses, equally.

‘Separate property’ involves property an individual spouse owned prior to the marriage. In addition to this, it also includes property acquired as a gift, or through inheritance.

‘Separate property’, in California, can also be items bought with or exchanged for separate property, separate property earnings, and the rise in separate property value. However, these claims must be supported by financial records/documents.


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