Divorce in a Public Health Emergency

A man (90), and his wife (early 80’s), are getting a divorce. And the couple are from County Clare, Western Ireland. 

However, the man, as well as getting divorced, has also gained a Protection Order against his daughter. So the man related to the court how his adult daughter threatened him. And as a result of this, he explained how he is now ‘concerned about [his] safety’.

The man’s wife, on the other hand, also has a Protection Order against her son. And the son works close to the family property, as well as assisting his elderly father. 

According to the solicitor for the estranged parent’s son, ‘My client is continuing to try to support his father at the family home. He also works a farm where the family home is situated and is there on a daily basis’

The mother’s solicitor explained to the court her client’s medical conditions and how she is worried about the couple’s son’s inability to adhere to ‘Nphet guidelines’ whilst in the property. 

‘Nphet’ refers to the National Public Health Emergency Team. So ‘Nphet’ belongs to the Irish Department of Health and is involved in the national response to Covid 19.

All in all, divorce can be very complicated.

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How do individuals get a divorce in California?

California has “no-fault divorce”. So, according to ‘no-fault divorce’ conditions, the accusation of marital wrongdoing is not required. So this means that couples are able to obtain a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. 

This also means that either spouse can end the union if they desire, without the other spouse’s consent.

Source: https://www.divorcenet.com/states/california/cafaq04

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