British Divorce Deadline

England is expecting more divorce cases. And the upcoming Brexit conversion is the reason for this. So couples are rushing to divorce before the end of the changeover. And they are doing so to avoid drawn out international legal disputes.

According to the European Union, finalised divorces in member states are acknowledged between European countries. But this arrangement is coming to an end. And this is happening in late December, at the conclusion of the Brexit transition period.

According to solicitor Matthew Taylor, ‘Divorcing couples with ties to an EU country would be well-advised to issue proceedings prior to the end of the transition period to avoid the immense uncertainty and added costs that could arise for any later divorce’

Taylor warns couples about the uncertainty associated with post-Brexit divorce rules. He explains how ‘acting sooner rather than later would be sensible as there may be a rush to issue proceedings at the end of December’

For example, Pauline Chai won £64 million from her ex-husband. However, her ex-husband had attempted to limit the payout to £9 million. And he did this by trying to convince the courts that the court case should be held in Thailand, instead of London.


How is property divided in a California divorce?

If couples are unable to decide on the division of property and debts, a court decides it for them.

California’s community property laws state that assets and debts accumulated by spouses, during a marriage, belong equally to both. So, in a California divorce, they must be divided equally.

So, whether couples are able to make their own property division decisions, or need a court’s assistance, there are necessary steps. And these include deciding whether the property/debt is community/separate, determining a value for community property, and the method of property division.


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