Shock Separation

Armie Hammer is getting a divorce. And it’s from Elizabeth Chambers. Chambers was his wife of 10 years. So, the news was announced in July. 

So Hammer discussed his split in an interview with GQ magazine. According to Hammer; ‘It’s not about whether it was your idea or not… Either way, a separation…is a seriously seismic event in someone’s life. And there’s a lot of…growing pains and…changes’

What’s more, Hammer continued to explain his children’s importance when making divorce decisions. He and Elizabeth are trying to protect them. So, while they part ways, they consider ways to avoid ‘…fear or damage on their part’

Hammer also explained his healing process in August. Hammer was, apparently, recovering from his separation by occupying himself with his various hobbies. And the actor’s hobbies include nature activities and construction work.


How do you get a divorce in California?

So, a summary dissolution is qualified for if your marriage lasted less than five years, if you don’t have children, own real estate, and your amount of property and debts are reasonably finite.

However, there is still a six month period before the divorce finalisation. And spouses need to create, and file, an agreement about property and debt division. 

However, if a summary dissolution is not qualified for, the following steps are required. 

So, one spouse files a divorce petition to serve to the respondent, who has 30 days to respond. Then, either spouse can request temporary orders, if they wish. After this, the spouses engage in ‘discovery’ where information and documents are exchanged. So the ‘discovery’ is followed by a discussion of settlement, which results in litigation if an agreement cannot be made.


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