Filing for Divorce in China

China is trying to fix its divorce issue. So they are trying to make the marriage certification procedure more stately, to create a more serious perception of marriage. And this is due to rising cases of couples filing for divorce.

The advice was published by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and the All-China Women’s Federation. So this included suggestions in relation to China’s attempts to make the marriage process seem more serious. And these included the provision of pre-marriage counselling, developing marriage certification services, and inspiring couples to cite oaths. 

They are also considering involving local authorities and celebrities to take part in the process of certifying newlyweds.

According to Peng Xizhe, the ex-vice president of the Shanghai Academy of Marriage and Family, ‘it is important that newly formed families take marriage seriously, especially in an era of rapid marriage and divorce’

So pre-marriage counselling exists to encourage marriage and family values, family liabilities, communication skills, and family growth planning. The guidance says that pre-marriage counselling is beneficial for preparing new couples for marriage and maintaining their marriages to encourage longevity.


How can domestic partners get divorced in California?

So you’ve already agreed that the California courts have the jurisdiction to conclude your domestic partnership if it was registered in California.

And this is still true if you relocate or if you haven’t ever lived in California.

All in all, domestic partners are not obliged to meet married couple residency requirements.

However, if the domestic partnership was registered elsewhere, the following requirements must be met. So you or your partner must have resided in California for the past 6 months. In addition to this, you/your partner must have lived in the county where you’re filing for divorce for the past three months.


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