Divorce and Virtual Schooling

Covid-19 has caused a variety of issues within family homes. And these include the division of parenting time for divorced parents. In addition to this, it has raised domestic violence worries. And this is due to the the ongoing close proximity of abusers and survivors who have to isolate together.

So theres the issue of schooling children in Autumn. And school districts are giving the parents the ability to decide how to school their children. And the choice is between in-person and virtual learning. However, this decision can prove difficult for divorced parents. 

And this is because both parents need to agree on an option. What’s more; most districts only disclosed their arrangement in early August. So, if divorced parents are unable to come to an agreement about methods of schooling, this would be a ’joint legal custody dispute’. And when parents are faced with an issue like this, the main strategy is to file a motion with the court.

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What are the types of custody orders in California?

The term ‘child custody’ indicates to parents rights and obligations for looking after their children. When sharing parental responsibilities, the matter of ‘visitation’ also needs to be decided on. And ‘visitation’ determines how time with children will be allocated to each parent.

There are two types of child custody, and these are legal custody and physical custody. 

So legal custody determines who is responsible for important child decisions such as healthcare, education and welfare.

And physical custody determines who children live with.

Legal custody can be joint. So, in this case, the right to make important decisions is given to both parents.

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