Heidi and Seal’s Pandemic Co-Parenting

Heidi Klum and Seal haven’t been able to agree on how they co-parent their children. And they have four; Leni (16), Henry (14), Johan (13), and Lou (10). So, Seal’s real name is Henry Samuel. And, because they can’t agree, Klum has taken Seal to court.

The coronavirus period has further complicated coparenting situations. And this is due to issues such as safe transportation, and decisions related to safety measures.

According to Klum, the ‘children spend the vast majority of their time living exclusively with me…Henry’s time is sporadic at best. In 2020 so far, he has spent about six weeks total with Leni, six weeks total with Henry, ten days total with Johan, and ten days total with Lou’

Klum wishes to take three of her children to Germany with her for the filming of season 16 of Germany’s Next Top Model. And this is for three and a half months, in October. So, Klum claims that documents show Seal’s agreement in April. However, he has since changed his mind.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/heidi-klum-seal-locked-awful-133821321.html

How does child custody work in California?

Child custody, in California, is determined according to the child’s best interest. 

Both parents start with equal custody rights, and judges cannot provide preference to either of them based on gender.

A child’s best interest is determined by two guiding policies:

And these are:

-the child’s health, safety and welfare

-and the benefit that children gain from frequent, ongoing contact with both of their parents

So judges refer to these two policies when they assess individual cases.

Source: https://www.divorcenet.com/resources/child-custody/child-custody-california-best-interests-child.htm

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