Johnny Depp’s Libel Trial

The end of a relationship can be a difficult time. And this is especially true, in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp’s court case, against a newspaper, ended on Tuesday.

So, libel action was brought by the 57-year-old, Depp. And the action was against the Sun newspaper. What’s more; according to Heard, ‘it has been incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship, to have my motives and my truth questioned, and the…intimate details of my life with Johnny shared in court…’

However, according to Depp’s lawyer, Amber Heard ‘has proved herself to be a wholly unreliably witness and…a compulsive liar…’

Depp is suing the publishers of the Sun newspaper, News Group Newspapers. And this is due to an article labelling the star a “wife beater”. So, Heard has described 14 incidents of assault. However, Depp denies any incident of violence toward the 34 year old Heard.

Relationships can be very complicated. So the end of a relationship can be really hard, and very emotional.


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