Tasmania’s ‘Amica’

‘Amica’ has been introduced by Legal Aid Tasmania. And ‘Amica’ is an online resource. What’s more; it’s designed to assist separating couples to settle their arguments. Additionally, the Federal Government has financed the virtual resource, whilst National Legal Aid has designed it.

So, a variety of Australian lawyers have contributed their advice to ‘Amica’. And legal experts proclaim that the digital system is safe to use. And it can feasibly help to relieve Covid related, family law court demand.

According to Legal Aid Tasmania’s Vincenzo Caltabiano, the contributions of Australian lawyers ‘who’ve worked on a number of scenarios…help the artificial intelligence learn what a court would ordinarily decide when parties are separating’

What’s more, Kristen Wylie, the Legal Aid family law practice manager, states that ‘Amica helps couples reach amicable agreements about dividing their assets and parenting arrangements and…record those agreements in plain language’

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-09/online-tool-amica-helps-divorcing-couples-divide-assets/12434988

How are assets divided in a California divorce?

-separating couples are usually able to agree on property separation arrangements

-however, community property and debts remain the property of both parties until a judge signs off on the agreement and a final order is issued

-and this happens despite your mutual agreement

-when property and debt are divided, a roughly equal ‘net’ share is desired

-so the value of all property is added, before the total amount of debt is subtracted

-and the difference is the community estate’s net value, which is to be shared between the two parties

-you can begin to determine your property and debts by listing all of your assets

Source: https://www.courts.ca.gov/1254.htm?rdeLocaleAttr=en

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