Define Italian Family

Italy is relaxing its coronavirus lockdown. However, people were confused when aspects of the lockdown were to be lessened. And they were confused about the meaning of Italian ‘family’.

‘Congiunti’ is an Italian word for ‘relatives’ or ‘relations’. And this is an important word, right now. Because the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, stated that, from next Monday, Italians can travel inside of their home district to visit their ‘relatives’. So, this is interesting, because Italians have been banned from leaving their houses, besides from necessary jobs or tasks like shopping for groceries.

So this is confusing because ‘congiunti’ is a loose term. And they are wandering if distant relatives like second cousins, or a sister-in-law, would count.

What complicates things further, is the fact that Italians have a liberal grasp on the concept of ‘family’; including distant clans associated through blood or marriage.

What’s more; the Italian Prime Minister confused things further the following day. And he did this by defining ‘congiunti’ as a ‘broad and generic formula’, meaning ‘relatives, and to those with whom they have relationships of steady affection’

This, obviously, gave rise to questions regarding the definition of ‘stable’ or ‘steady’ affection. And, adding to confusion; it’s common, Italian practice to be engaged for years without a wedding date.


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