More Divorce After Covid-19

A California attorney predicts a divorce rise due to Covid-19. According to Hopper: ‘in the past three weeks, we’ve averaged about 500 new consultations each week’. As a result of this, San Diego County courts are only allowing emergency filings.

This means that spouses are organising they’re paperwork now so that they can file when court reconvenes. So, whilst spending time apart from a spouse can improve a relationship, Hopper says that ‘the opposite can be true when we have couples spending a lot mire time together than in years prior. For a lot of folks, they’re getting a preview of what retirement may look like, and unfortunately for a lot of folks they’re finding out they don’t really like it’

Hopper also warns individuals wanting to divorce about a backlog, ‘if this is something you need to do, maybe it makes sense to get ahead of the tidal wave of litigation that might be coming’


How is property value determined in divorce?

-if the spouses agree, and if they can’t the court does

-a monetary value is given to each property item

-appraisals can be used to decide on the value of property as well as antiques/artwork

-retirement assets can be difficult to evaluate

-so the help of an actuary, C.P.A., or other kind of financial professional may be needed

-once property has assigned value, your spouse and yourself can decide to divide the money or request that the court do it


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