Divorce and ‘Social Distancing’

A quarantine period can be a scary time for some. That is, people in the midst of a divorce or a difficult relationship. 

Sally, for example, relocated back to America years ago. This is because her marriage had been complicated by the recession, however she wanted to revitalise it. According to Sally; ‘the financial pressure was intense…my husband started acting very strangely, which I didn’t understand at first…it wasn’t physically abusive, but it was definitely gaslighting and emotional abuse.’

So her husband claimed that he wanted to end the marriage, however he never filed. And now, because of the coronavirus, Sally is isolated in her and her husband’s home with their two children.

‘The Social Distance Project’ is a collection of anonymous anecdotes about relationship strain in quarantine. And one of such entries states: ‘I’ve been living in the same house with my ex pre-quarantine, mostly peacefully. Now we are stuck here and I am working from my bedroom while we share parent duties. The first day of the Bay Area lockdown he had already told me he hated me’

Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90484695/i-could-knife-him-in-the-back-what-its-like-seeking-a-divorce-during-coronavirus

What is the process for obtaining a restraining order in California?

To qualify for a civil harassment restraining order if:

-the person in question has stalked, harassed, sexually assaulted, or threatened you with violence

If the person is:

-your neighbor 



-family member removed by more than two degrees (for example: an aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousins)

-other person who is not a close relation

Source: https://www.courts.ca.gov/1278.htm?rdeLocaleAttr=en

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