Coronavirus and Marriage Strain

New Yorkers are calling lawyers; and they’re asking about divorce. This is because of the virus that’s been closing cities down. Which is also causing people to spend a lot of time indoors. So when courts open again, a huge amount of fillings are expected.

And according to Suzanne Kimberly: 

“In the middle of the night I got a call from a client who now realises she has nothing in common with her husband but the children — and how he knows nothing about the children…And she’ll be damned if she spends the rest of her life with him.”

Hostile marriages are really being tested during quarantine. What’s more, the virus’s financial pressures are also straining marriages. 

According to Steven J. Mandel:

‘“One of the main stresses that cause divorces — more than infidelity — is monetary stresses…Along with people being confined in one place, people have lost 30 percent of their net worth, or people have lost their jobs. So that is putting people into a pressure cooker’

So the coronavirus crisis is bringing out existing marital flaws, and couple differences. For example, a woman discovered that her husband is essentially a ‘coronavirus truther’. And this is problematic because, although separated, they share children.


How does marriage annulment work in California?

So, California courts need to decide that a marriage or ‘domestic partnership’ isn’t legally valid. And marriages that aren’t ever valid are bigamous or incestuous ones.

However, marriages can also be ‘void’ or ‘voiable’. And the reasons for this determination in California are:

-if the marriage is forced or fraudulent, of a spouse has a physical or mental disability

-one spouse was too young 

-a spouse is already married


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