Coronavirus and Family Violence

On Monday, the ‘Respect Each Other: Call It Out’ campaign will launch. And this is happening in Melbourne, Australia. So, the State Government’s new campaign is prompting individuals to report family violence. The government wants to raise awareness because of concerns that incidents aren’t being reported under the pandemic limitations.

The campaign is intended to help victims; to remind them of available assistance, and to prompt  bystanders to announce family violence incidents despite physical-distancing measures.

Gabriele Williams is the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence. And according to Williams; ‘…social isolation and physical distancing is extremely difficult for families but we want to send a clear message that’s not an excuse for family violence’

The State Government also announced their multi-million-dollar package, recently; with crisis accommodation and specialist services.

And this is important because, between March and April this year, 14% of the Victoria Police’s family violence calls were due to coronavirus conditions.


How to obtain a restraining order in California?

You qualify for a civil harassment restraining order if:

-the person has stalked, harassed, sexually assaulted, or violently threatened you

-the person is: your neighbor, roommate, friend, family member removed by more than two degrees eg. An aunt/uncle, neice/nephew, cousins, and other distant relations

-other person who is not a close relation

-You can also get assistance from an agency in your area.

-if you qualify for a civil harassment restraining order, you can fill out forms

-your court’s self-help centre may also be able to help


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