Divorce & Promoted Women

Happiness is a goal. And a common goal, for many. However, relationships are hard.

And for successful women, they are even more so. Even in gender-equal countries. Sweden, for example, is first place in the EU’s gender equality index.

And this is because of parental leave, daycare help, and liberal working schedule.

However, women’s success, in Sweden, was found to affect their personal life negatively. And economists found this. They were looking at job promotion’s impact on men and women’s divorce. And the American Economic Journal published the research.

What’s more; it focused on straight people in private companies. And, apparently, women are twice as prone to divorce. That is; three years after a CEO promotion, compared a man. And the public sector showed signs of these trends.

And reports, done over three decades, showed evidence of this.

So female mayors, and parliament member’s post-election promotion, made divorce twice as likely for them. What’s more; 75% stayed married eight years past the vote. However, 85% were still married who didn’t get promoted.

In addition to this, men didn’t feel these promotion affects. And the promotion affect was also evident with women doctors, police officers and priests.

According to Johanna Rickne, it’s

‘seen as…unusual for men to be the…supportive spouse in someone else’s career’.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200121-why-promoted-women-are-more-likely-to-divorce

What is a contested divorce?

-your divorce is contested if terms are not agreed upon

-so spousal issues might need to be settled by a court

-however, if spouses don’t agree on select issues, they don’t always need to go to court

-so mediation allows a third party to help couples to agree

-and ‘collaborative divorce’ sees spouses negotiate through lawyers

Source: https://www.finder.com/get-divorced-california

Divorce can be a really difficult, and really emotional process. 

So make sure you get the best advice.

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