Divorce and Tech

Divorce is really emotional. However, technology can help. Because it can help make it less stressful. And it can make people feel less isolated.

So technology has changed divorce. Because separated and divorced people can now discover online communities; communities of people in similar positions. Without having to go anywhere.

So there is a wide range of divorce websites. And they’re available to people divorcing today. ‘Divorceify’ is a major one. And it was created by divorce attorneys and a lawyer.

It provides personal divorce suggestions. What’s more; it teams you up with professional assistance. ‘Divorceify’ helps users save money. And it can also reduce stress levels.

And there’s another website. It’s called PartUs. And it supplies divorce management software to law practices. Because they’re trying to simplify the process.

Additionally; these two websites aren’t the only divorce technology. FamilyDocket and tour.life are also available to ease the divorce process.
They supply lawyers with divorce organisation systems. What’s more; they allow lawyers to converse with clients online. And it assists with document sharing.

Divorce is still really complicated. However, new technology has helped to lessen some of the emotion. And it can help to ease the stress accompanying divorce proceedings.

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How does property division work in a Californian divorce?

-couples have to decide how they’re dividing their property and debts

-or else, the court will do it for them

-So, California has community property laws

-and they say that assets and debts accumulated during a marriage belong to both spouses

-so they have to divide them equally when they get divorced

Source: https://www.divorcenet.com/resources/divorce/marital-property-division/california-divorce-dividing-pr

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