Sleep Divorce

Sleep’s important.

What’s more; it can affect your marriage.

So there’s talk of ‘sleep divorce’.

And according to Mary Jo Rapini:

“While there are benefits to sleeping together, 

one partner’s troublesome sleeping or annoying bed habits can affect the other 

and increase production of the stress hormone cortisol, 

thus causing issues that impact the couple as a whole,” 

It looks like a lack of sleep increases stress levels.

So it goes without saying; rest is vital.

And experts say it’s necessary to take control of your life and relationship.

Because it impacts your contentment and happiness.

And according to the author, Jennifer Adams;

‘“When both parties are getting a restorative night’s sleep 

it allows them to feel emotionally, mentally and physically healthier 

without one resentful of their partner for keeping them awake, 

nor the other feeling guilty for disturbing his or her mate,” 

So separate beds are becoming the new marital ideal.

And according to the Better Sleep Council’s 2012 survey, one in four couples sleep separately.

And this is so that they sleep better.

In addition to this, there is evidence that sleeping apart is beneficial.

According to the psychotherapist, Ken Page:

“I have worked with couples who have said that not having to worry about their sleep being disturbed was such a relief 

that it allowed them to appreciate the good things in their relationship 

and lifted any resentment they may have felt in the past.”

Some couples see ‘sleep divorce’ as a logical solution to sleep disturbances such as insomnia and snoring.

Furthermore, the level of confidence couples have in their relationships impacts their willingness to sleep separately. 


Are there any requirements for Californian divorce?

-California divorce is called a Dissolution of Marriage

-And to file for divorce in California, at least one partner must have been a resident for at least 6 months

-and it has to be in the county where they plan to file, for the previous three months

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