Divorcing in Florida

Marriage is a financial issue.

As well as a social one.

So they’re trying to prevent divorces.

In Florida.

And using a ‘marriage guide’ to do this.

Two Florida legislators proposed a bill.

And they are Sen. Dennis Baxley and Rep. Clay Yarborough.

According to Yarborough:

‘marriage…has economic impacts on taxpayers, particularly if it does not last’

In addition to this, it’s a “Florida Guide to Healthy Marriages’.

And they’re trying to make it a necessary read.

For Florida couples.

That is, engaged Florida couples.

What’s more; Baxley wrote the bill.

And it wants the Department of Children and Families to create a Marriage Education Committee.

And this ‘committee’ is to make the guide.

The Florida Department of Health claims that 156,168 Florida marriages happened in 2018.

Also, the same year saw 77,054 divorces or annulments.

Some residents think that a marriage guide isn’t enough.

And that there’s more the government could do to help families.

For example, an Orlando mother said her husband ‘had to take a week of vacation when [her daughter] was born’

The bill isn’t without obstacles.

And these come in the form of legislative problems.

However, divorce’s cost has become an open discussion.

And it’s an interesting issue; whether marriage maintenance is state business or not.

So the document is designed as a resource directory.

And these resources include finance management and conflict resolution.

Source: https://fortune.com/2019/11/27/cost-of-divorce-florida-guide-to-healthy-marriage/

What’s ‘Collaborative divorce’?

-it’s a way to solve divorce or legal separation

-and it’s a collaborative one

-also, spouses make a deal with professional assistance

-additionally, spouses hire their own collaborative lawyers

-and these lawyers help you to work out an agreement

-what’s more; spouses and lawyers normally sign a contract confirming that they won’t go to court

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