Trump, Giuliani and Divorce

So Rudy Giuliani (75) is NY’s former mayor.

And Trump’s personal lawyer.

And his relationship has ended in a public way.

So his divorce settled.

And what’s more; it settled without a trial.

And Judith Nathan (his wife) filed for divorce in April 2018.

Again; it happened after the marriage’s 15 years.

The divorce, also, took a bitter turn.

And Giuliani’s spending was reported on.

In fact, he allegedly spent $900,000, in six months.

And, not to mention, $12000 on cigars.

Also, this settlement cancels a January divorce trial.

And the judge warned against a trial.

Because it’s a personal conflict, and due to media attention.

And the trial was to solve the fight over various Manhattan, Hamptons and Florida homes.

As well as country club memberships.

And over $200,000 of spending per month.

So, they tried to divide their assets.

But they want to stay friends.

And, according to Nathan’s lawyer:

‘”Mr. and Mrs. Giuliani intend to remain friends in the years to come, and they wish each other the best of luck in the future,”

So they’ve resolved.

And their resolution clears up their support issues, assets and other claims.

And, in addition to this, is Giuliani’s involvement with Trump’s looming impeachment.

So it’s an important time for the former mayor.

In fact, Ukrainian involvement has made him the focus of prosecutors.

And two of Giuliani’s associates have been charged with monetary campaign crimes.


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