‘Marriage Story’ and Divorce

Divorce is painful.

However, ’Marriage Story’ is a comedy.

And it’s showing on Netflix.

What’s more; it’s about two exes trying to save their friendship.

Marriage story begins at the end.

This means the relationship’s over when the show starts.

The lead roles are played by Scarlett Johansson (Nicole) and Adam Driver (Charlie).

And they’re using a mediator after their separation decision.

Because they want to navigate the move to separation peacefully.

And this is important because of their young son, Henry.

They learn about the destructive impact divorce can have.

So, they want to protect him from a toxic breakup.

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What is mandatory custody mediation?

-mediation for property and financial issues is voluntary

-however, the California Family Code makes mediation necessary in child custody disputes

-likewise, a California court won’t rule on child issues until parents have mediation with a trained counselor 

Source: https://info.legalzoom.com/happens-divorce-mediation-california-24761.html

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