Divorce: Couples and Leftover Embryos

Tens of thousand of embryos are held in fertility clinics.

And they’re ‘in limbo’.

Couple’s pregnancy attempts produce leftover embryos.

Also, those who stop paying storage fees leave them.

Additionally, couples making hard decisions leave them.

In fact, Jenny Sammis doesn’t want to donate her ‘extras’ to research.

According to Sammis;

“I have these two…people who came from this process,”

“These embryos are all like seeds that could become potential people. 

That reality…was all abstract when they were in the freezer.”

In conclusion, Sammis agreed to donate embryos 15 years ago.

However, she doesn’t want to after having children.

Source: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/health/In-Limbo-Clinics-Leftover-Embryos-Eggs-Freezers–504501031.html

Who gets custody of frozen embryos in a California divorce?

-fertility clinics are require to give consent forms

-and embryo situations, in a divorce, are decided by these forms

Source: https://www.santarosafamilylawyerblog.com/custody-of-frozen-embryos-california-divorce/

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