Jude Law’s Secret Ceremony

Jude Law married his girlfriend.

And after four years of dating.

She’s Phillipa Coan.

And she’s a business psychologist.

What’s more; it was a small ceremony.

In fact, only family and friends were there.

And in London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Additionally, its Law’s second marriage.

And 15 years after his Sadie Frost divorce.

In fact, he has three children with his first wife.

And they’re Rafferty (22), Iris (18) and Rudy (16).

Source: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/Jude-Law-Weds-Phillipa-Coan-509349152.html


What are Californian marriage license requirements?

-couples must get a license from the county clerk before marrying

-also, the licence is only valid for 90 days

-so the couple need to plan their marriage within that time 

-what’s more; the certificate must be returned within 10 days after marriage

Source: https://statelaws.findlaw.com/california-law/california-marriage-law.html

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