‘Gray Divorce’

Americans are splitting.

Middle aged Americans. Millions of them.

Likewise, the American over 50’s divorce rate, since 1990, has doubled.

A ‘grey divorce’ means splitting up later in life (after 50).

Even the very wealthy can find divorce extremely emotionally and financially draining. 

However, ‘grey divorces’ aren’t just financially taxing.

Academics have, in addition to financial damage, found negative health effects.

In fact, recently separated/divorced adults, according to a 2009 paper, have higher resting blood pressure.

And last year’s German study discovered that:

“divorce led to considerable weight gain over time, especially in men’

Furthermore, Susan Brown, a sociology professor, says that ‘getting a gray divorce is a major financial shock’

However, at any age, divorce can be incredibly damaging; both emotionally and financially.

This is why it’s important to secure the best outcome with professional advice.

Source:  https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2019-07-19/divorce-destroys-finances-of-americans-over-50

How to file for a Californian divorce?

-to file, you/your spouse must have:

Lived in California for 6 months

Lived in the county the divorce will be filed in for at least 3 months

If these requirements are met, you/your spouse can start getting divorced by filing a divorce petition

-California was the first state to have no-fault divorces

-likewise, you don’t need to prove your spouse wrong to get a divorce

-the most common reason is ‘irreconcilable differences’

-additionally, you can get a divorce without your spouse’s agreement


In the event of divorce drama, get expert advice. 

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