How Divorce Effects Wealthier Kid’s Education

Divorce affects everyone involved.

And wealthier kid’s education is, apparently, impacted the most.

In addition to this, children involved in divorce are known to have lower educational prospects.

A new UCLA study, however, says that divorce doesn’t impact upon kids equally.

Likewise, the study says that divorce shortens the academic career of secure family’s kids more than children from struggling families.

Furthermore, Jennie E. Brand, UCLA professor of sociology and statistics, says that;

‘We found that parental divorce lowers the educational attainment of kids,

But only among those for whom the divorce was unlikely. 

We interpret this to mean that the divorce was unexpected, and as such, more disruptive.’

To conclude, according to Brand’s research, stable family divorce is more upsetting for the children than dysfunctional family divorce.

How does Californian child custody law work?

-Californian couples can agree to their divorce terms, or allow courts to decide for them

-California law gives couples a list of factors judges consider when deciding upon custody arrangements

What is ‘legal’ custody?

-‘legal’ custody is the right to make decisions about child’s welfare, health and education such as schooling and religious activities


What is ‘physical’ custody?

-‘physical’ custody is the matter of a child’s place of residence following divorce/separation


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