Everything and the Kitchen Sink

People create prenups to protect themselves.

And there’s one woman who knows this.

Her name is Fidan Shevket.

An Aussie divorce lawyer included everything in her prenup. And ‘everything’ includes Tupperware and linen.

Fidan Shevket didn’t let her new boyfriend leave a toothbrush behind.

She wanted to protect herself against any “backdoor claim” of de facto status.

This is because unmarried, ‘de facto’, Australian couples are open to settlement provisions.

And before the two started living together, the divorce lawyer drafted a prenuptial agreement including everything she owned.

What’s more; this agreement even included the Tupperware and bed linen.

According to Shevket:

“Over the years I’ve come to understand that there’s a fine line between love and hate.

After significant time of being on my own and accumulating my assets, I don’t trust anyone. 

It’s probably funny to the outside world but to me it’s normal.”

Shevket has worked as a family lawyer in Sydney for 15 years.


How long does a Californian Prenuptial Agreement Last?

-this is a personal decision

-likewise, the contract’s longevity depends on its terms

-a prenup lasts forever if spouses don’t state how long they want it to last

-no state law sets contract durations

-spouses can, however, revoke their prenup by superseding it with a secondary written agreement, one that says the first is no longer in effect

-some prenups include ‘sunset clauses’- times they are not valid- eg. Spouses might agree that a prenup is only effective for the first 10 or 20 years of marriage

-you can also say that your separate property becomes marital after a set duration of time


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