Larry King’s Divorce

Larry King filed for divorce.

And his family celebrate this news.

The former CNN host’s health is apparently in decline.

So the 85-year-old wants to finalise his divorce. In addition to this, he wants to remove his wife, Shawn, from his will before he passes away.

According to Page Six, King’s family have been telling him to end his marriage of 20 years. This is because of constant cheating rumours.

Furthermore, a 2010 rumour caused Larry to file for divorce, but not actually get back together with his wife.

Finally, it has been reported that Shawn and Larry separated in early June.


How does divorce affect a will?

-in most states, if you divorce after creating a will, any gifts that the will allocates to a former spouse are revoked

-In addition to this, California law (probate code § 6122) states that:

-“Unless the will expressly provides otherwise, if after executing a will the testator’s marriage is dissolved or annulled, the dissolution or annulment revokes 

… any disposition or appointment of property made by the will to the former spouse.”


Divorce can be a really difficult, and really emotional experience.

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