Big Utah Wedding

Imagine if your wedding was fake.

And what’s more; imagine if your spouse staged it for attention…

A hairstylist says his ‘wife’ faked their wedding.

William Jordan Blackmore filed a suit in a Brooklyn federal court as a result of this.

This is because his ‘wife’, Andy Potamkin, apparently ‘set up’ the $1 million dollar exercise. 

Blackmore and Potamkin hosted their 2015 ‘wedding’ in the Utah desert.

As well as spending a lot of money on their wedding, the couple’s wedding lasted for four days.

However, the couple are now trying to legalise their wedding.

They are trying to gain a financial settlement and, of course, end the marriage. 

Furthermore; Blackmore only just realised that he wasn’t officially married to his wife.

He only discovered this information when she ended things with him last year.


What can’t a prenuptial agreement include?

-anything illegal/against “public policy”

-eg. making sure that children’s rights stay under court control

-likewise, you cannot deal against your current/future children’s rights

-similarly, you cannot create agreements penalising spouses for marriage “fault”


Divorce is a really complicated emotional, and legal, procedure.

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