Signatures and Alimony Payments

A businessman is renewing a campaign.

And he needs 623,212 signatures.

Steve Clark is proposing an initiative. He’s trying to give voters a voice when it comes to divorce and spousal laws.

He’s trying to prevent judges from ordering divorced individuals to pay more than five years of alimony to their ex partners. 

Alimony is a husband (or wife’s) maintenance paid to a spouse following a separation or divorce. Moreover, the “supporting spouse” pays the “dependant spouse”.

Registered voters need to give him 623,212 signatures by Feb. 3, 2020, to enable the action for that year’s ballot. 

Clark, in 2014, filed paperwork for a similar campaign. This one, however, didn’t appear before voters.

Clark’s inspiration is his own divorce and alimony conflict.

How much spousal support is expected in a Californian divorce?

When ordering spousal support, the court considers factors such as:

-how much the earning capacity of each party is able to maintain marital living standards; considering:

-marketable skills of the supported party; job market for those skills, as well as the need for retraining/education etc.

-impairment to future earning capacity because of periods of unemployment occurring during the marriage to devote time to domestic duties

-And of course, the marriage’s duration

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