Covid-19 and New Relationship Rules

A couple from Northern Sydney are unable to separate. And this is because of financial pressures and the need to social distance. Family issues, like this one, have become common during the current Covid crisis.

So the Australian couple have been married for 15 years. And they are unable to end their relationship because of job uncertainty. What’s more, they are also worried about the financial loss  that could result from selling the family home.

Fiona Reid is a family lawyer. And, according to Reid, ‘Family homes are being turned into battlegrounds by Covid-19’. She describes how ‘Both spouses will not-or cannot-move out due to isolation restrictions…separations are becoming even more stressful and unpleasant for both parties.’

So mandatory lockdowns are making couples isolate together. And this is particularly true for the Australian state of Victoria. So, according to ‘The Separation Guide’, divorce inquiries have doubled because of Covid. And Victoria is responsible for forty percent of this rise.


What is the process for separating from your partner in California?

-A Californian legal separation is different from a separation agreement

-so a legal separation is a divorce alternative

-and it enables couples to conclude their relationship without officially ending the marriage

-and couples often choose this option for religious or practical reasons

-for a legal separation, as with divorce, you are required to: 

-file a petition for legal separation

-arrive at decisions relating to custody, child support, alimony and property decision

-receive the court’s final judgement of legal separation


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