Jaime King’s Divorce

Jaime King got a restraining order. And it was against her husband, Kyle Newman. What’s more; King is a 41 year old actress. And Newman is 44.

Relationships can be very complicated. Following the restraining order’s application, Newman reacted with allegations of addiction and infidelity.

The couple met on the set of ‘Fanboys’. This happened in 2005, two years before their marriage. In addition to this, court records show that the actress filed for divorce and a domestic violence prevention petition on May 18.

What’s more, Newman’s request for sole custody has been revoked. However, he will continue to care for his children during their coronavirus quarantine. 

Court documents, obtained by US weekly, show Newman’s January intervention with King. This saw her registration with a rehabilitation facility, before leaving one day later. 

What’s more; Newman denied King’s domestic violence allegations.

Source: https://celebrity.nine.com.au/latest/jaime-king-kyle-newman-claims-drug-addict-admits-affair/fb72274d-aef5-4f84-9e35-233c30592f9c

How do you request a restraining order in California?

Before you ask for a restraining order, you should make sure that a restraining order is the right option for you. 

And you should also make sure that you qualify for it. So, this is if the person you wish to restrain has stalked, harassed,  sexually assaulted, or violently threatened you.

And it’s if the person you wish to restrain is a neighbor, roommate, friend, family member separated by over 2 degrees (eg. aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, or cousins), or another close relation

You can also obtain assistance from an agency in your area.

And when you have confirmed your qualification for a civil harassment restraining order, you can fill out the forms.

Your local domestic violence agency can also be of assistance.

Source: https://www.courts.ca.gov/1278.htm?rdeLocaleAttr=en

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