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Domestic violence has been increased by the coronavirus. So Yiwu is introducing a database. And people are allowed, because of this database, to research their partner’s abuse history.

So Yiwu is a Chinese City. And it’s in the eastern Zhejiang Province. And convicted abusers will be included in the database. Individuals with restraining orders, or detention, after 2017, will also be searchable. 

What’s more; the database will be introduced on July 1. And, Zhou Danying states that ‘an inquiry database’ will allow ‘partners [to] know beforehand and consider whether to marry’

US doctors and activists have witnessed an increase in domestic violence. And this is because of city and town movement restrictions. 

Social media reactions to the database were positive. And the Yiwu government says that users will be allowed two, yearly, abuse record searches. And they can do so if they provide personal information about their prospective partner.

Additionally, the searcher will need to send a letter agreeing to confidentiality rules.


What does a Californian restraining order do?

Restraining orders can include: personal conduct orders, stay-away orders, and resident exclusion orders.

And there are four types that can be requested, including:

  1. Domestic violence restraining order
  2. Elder/dependent adult abuse restraining order
  3. civil, harassment restraining order
  4. Or workplace violence restraining order

A domestic violence restraining order can be requested if someone has abused you, and you have a close relationship, or you are closely related.


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