Coronavirus & Coparenting

There’s no denying the virus’s global impact. It’s complicated life for many. And it’s even made divorce more difficult.

So the order to ‘shelter in place’ has caused problems for co-parenting couples. What’s more; a woman really wanted to see her children. However, their father asked her to quarantine herself for two weeks.

And this is due to her travels in March.

There are many examples of the coronavirus and the resulting restrictions are complicating co-parenting. Because of the virus, parents have had to give up their custodial time to protect their children.

And this has seen them attempt to replace face-to-face interaction with FaceTime or Zoom.

What’s more, some couples are even entertaining the idea of ‘sheltering in place’ with ex-partners. In addition to this, there have been complaints from co-parents that the other co-parent is manipulating the situation.

And they are doing so to keep them from seeing their children.

According to family law attorney, Stephanie Stecklair, co-parents should:

‘not assume anything about the other parent’s household or exposure’, 

and ‘memorialize any changes to your regular custody schedule in writing’


What does ‘joint custody’ mean in California?

-‘joint custody’ occurs within most legal separation cases with children

-so with ‘joint custody’ one parent is the ‘primary residential parent’

-and the child/children spend over fifty percent of their time with this parent

-so the ‘primary’ parent often obtains child support from the other parent

-in a ‘joint custody’ situation, parents discuss with each other issues such as education, activities, religion, and health


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