Living Apart, Together

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress. And she’s also the founder of ‘Goop’.

What’s more; she’s ‘living apart’ with her new husband. And his name is Brad Falchuk.

So, they are married. However, they’re deciding to ‘live apart’. And this happened last summer.

So they chose to keep separate houses. And this isn’t a new custom. In fact, it happened in the 18th century.

They are living under the same roof now, however. And this is according to a Harper’s Bazaar interview.

However, lawyers and wealth advisors warn people against this practice.

And this is because it comes with hazards. Because if a couple are located in separate legal districts, there can be issues with which area or state’s laws are relevant in the case of divorce.

And according to Michael Stutman:

‘ “The implications on a couple that is married and wants to dissolve the marriage, that’s where you’re seeing the ramifications of this,”


How is property value determined in a California divorce?

-spouses/courts prescribe a monetary value to each property item

-appraisals can also be used to decide the property value as well as antiques/artwork

-retirement assets can be hard to determine

-so in this case the help of an actuary, C.P.A., or another kind of financial professional may be necessary

-what’s more; spouses can divide assets by prescribing certain items to each other

-and they can let one spouse ‘buy out’ the other spouse’s asset share, or by selling assets and dividing the profit


Divorce is a difficult and complicated process. So get the best advice. 

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