California and ‘Domestic Partnership’

It’s 2020.

And California has new domestic partnership laws.

Heterosexual couples now have a marriage alternative.

That is; Californian heterosexual couples.

And it starts in January.

So, from January, couples can apply to be ‘domestic partners’.

And this is interesting.

Because the option hasn’t always been available to everyone.

It was previously only permitted to certain people.

That is; same-sex couples, and heterosexual couples older than 62.

So homosexual couples obtained marriage rights in 2013.

And this enabled them to choose between marriage, and ‘domestic partnership’.

And this is complicated.

Because some believe this right should extend to everyone.

What’s more; Thomas Coleman says:

‘we’re in a different era.

A hundred years from now, 

domestic partnership may be the predominant lifestyle’

Additionally, Coleman is the director of the Unmarried America organisation.

And he thinks people have wanted ‘domestic partnership’ rights since 1999.

However, not everyone believes in ‘domestic partnership’.

So there was criticism from conservative and religious groups.

But the law still passed.

And there are multiple reasons for choosing ‘domestic partnership’.

For example, evading the religious associations of marriage.

Or if you are unwilling to get married for the second time.


How can I obtain ‘Domestic Partnership’ in California?

-California’s new law allows anyone to gain ‘domestic partnership’ status

-however, it is not permitted for:

-blood-related people

-under 18s (without a special court order)

-those who can’t consent

-those already married or in a ‘domestic partnership’ with someone else


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