Wedding Cancellations

Kristen Lubeck went to Vegas.

For her relationship’s seventh anniversary.

However, she told her boyfriend not to get a ring.

But he proposed.

And she said ‘yes’.

However, doubts settled in.

What’s more; Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke off their engagement last year.

And Davidson, according to TMZ, would get the ring.

And Grande got the pet pig.

What’s more; when an engagement ends, some things can be returned or split.

Like rings and honeymoon funds.

However, some things stick around.

Like Grande’s song, ‘Pete Davidson’, or their couple tattoos (according to People)

The end of a relationship can be arduous; both socially and financially.


What are the requirements for a California marriage licence?

-to marry in California, the parties cannot already be married to each other or others

-must bring valid ID

-also, the legal age without parental consent is 18

Divorce is really complicated.

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