Divorcing ‘Safely’

Wendy and David divorced.

It happened 7 years ago.

And they moved to LA from NY.

However, they’ve stayed close.

The couple, in fact, have never lived over three blocks apart.

And Alexander was walked to school by his parents every day.

Similarly, Alexander (their son) spends Sundays with his parents.

Paris, additionally, says she doesn’t want:

‘her son having a parent I’m estranged from’

She also wants her child close to her at all times.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2019/01/14/how-get-divorced-without-hating-your-ex-or-tearing-your-family-apart/

What is ‘joint legal custody’ in California law?

-one parent decides about health, education, and child welfare

-consequently, they can decide without the other parent

-however, sole legal custody, doesn’t mean sole physical custody


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