The Price of ‘Uncoupling’ in 2019

Divorce signifies the end of something; emotionally and socially.

Cost is, however, another major factor complicating the end of a relationship. 

Moreover, the national average divorce costs about $15,000 per person.

Of course, this price includes attorneys’ fees, court costs, experts like tax advisers, child custody evaluators, and not to mention real estate appraisers.

You know how they say ‘time is money’; the time it takes to sort things out often decides the cost. 

And it goes without saying that divorce can be a lengthy exercise; taking, on average, between four and 11 months.

Divorce can stretch out for more than a year if there’s a trial. 

What influences divorce costs?

-whether the divorce is contested/uncontested

-the hourly rate of lawyers vs. a retainer fee

-location of divorce filing, and local filing fees

-child custody

-child custody evaluation




How long does a Californian divorce take?

-you stay married for at least 6 months after you file a petition for divorce

-if your case is still in the court system five years after you file, your petition will be dismissed by the state and you will have to start again

-residency requirement: you must live in California for 6 months before you can file

-California’s 6 month ‘waiting period’ starts when you serve your spouse with papers, not necessarily when your petition is filed


Divorce is a difficult, time-consuming and costly process.

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