Instagram Evidence

Social media pervades everything.

Even divorce.

Social media platforms are very popular; meaning there’s a lot of virtual evidence when it comes to divorce cases.

Electronic evidence has entered the divorce court.

This means that attorneys have to consider Facebook or Twitter posts, direct messages, Instagram images, and other evidence. 

Web Preserver confirms the importance of virtual evidence, in an age where 81% of attorneys think that social media evidence is worth showing in court, and 66% of cases involving divorce use Facebook for evidence.

Social media is obviously influencing relationships, and impacting divorce litigation. 

How do different states compare when it comes to the admission, and use, of social media posts during a divorce trial?

-in Florida, social media posts are admissible as evidence. 

-They may be used to prove:

1. someone’s inability to follow a protective order

2. provide photographic evidence of someone’s financial status

3. influence cases involving child custody, and more.

-New York and California second much of this information


Divorce is arduous; emotionally, and financially. 

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