Keyboard Divorces

There’s a new way to untie the knot.

People are always looking for fast and easy options to part ways with their spouse. They’re taking to the online realm to settle their divorce issues. 

Celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, created ‘It’s Over Easy’, a site designed to simplify the divorce process.

The site is active in California and New York, and is destined to launch in seven other states this year. ‘It’s Over Easy’ is considered to be a useful DIY divorce tool.

The site contains an index of divorce services such as mental health assistance, and resources for flogging your now-redundant wedding ring.

The site has a user friendly guide to filing for divorce.

High profile, online divorce services, such as ‘It’s Over Easy’, offer advice portals and divorce submission forms.

It’s understandable that this might seem like an appealing option for legal consumers. This option is fine for the easiest and most uncomplicated of divorces, but has obvious limitations given the nature of the platform.

It’s fair to say that divorce can be really complicated and confusing. Not to mention time consuming and emotionally taxing. 


How long does it take to get divorced in California?

-you remain married for at least 6 month in California after you file a petition for divorce

-you must live in California for six months before you can file (this is California’s residency requirement)

-once you file and serve your petition for divorce on your spouse, they have 30 days to answer it


Divorce is a difficult and complicated process. Get the best advice. 

Look at the services on offer at

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