Public School Sex Ed Shake-Up

Sacramento has revamped its sex-ed rules for public schools. The old ‘birds and the bees’ talk has been updated for modern school kids.

Teachers are asked to talk about gender identity with very young kids and talk to LGBT teens about relationships and safe sex. 

LGBT advocates are pleased with their community’s newfound representation in the sex ed classroom. 

The California State Board of education approved the proposal on Wednesday. The proposal also gives advice on educating pupils about topics like nutrition, injury prevention, and alcohol and tobacco use.


Keeping young people informed and educated is really important. Knowledge saves lives.

What is California Healthy Young Act?

In January 2016, California adopted a new law relating to comprehensive sexual health education and HIB prevention education in public schools.

What does the California Healthy Young Act involve?

-comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education required once in middle and once in high school

-sex ed must be age-appropriate and medically accurate

-sex ed must respect and address needs of all genders and sexual orientations

-parents must be notified that their child will receive sexual health and HIV prevention education and view materials beforehand

-teachers or outside speakers must have training in and updated research knowledge

-from grade 7 instruction needs to include information about safety and effectiveness of all FDA-approved methods of pregnancy prevention and transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and abstinence 


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