China’s New Divorce Rule

In China, lawmakers votes for the nation’s first civil code. And this happened at the 2020 National People’s Congress. So, marriage and family law will be altered by this code. And according to recent legislation, couples will need to wait 30 days before applying for separation.

National regions were concerned with this decision. The civil code, however, will be enforced from 2021. And this will make it more difficult for couples to divorce.

The 30 day period, according to People’s Daily, is meant to discourage impulsive divorces and strengthen families. The new law aims to help couples carefully consider their marriage decisions. 

The new civil code proposals, according to the state news agency, Xinhua, are meant to ensure ‘a harmonious family and society.’. In addition to this; China’s divorce rate has been increasing since 2003. In 2019, over 4 million couples wanted to conclude their marriage. 

However, these statistics are viewed as a reflection of improving gender equality. And this is because they represent increasing female financial independence.


How do you return to your former name, after the finalisation of your California divorce?

For an adult’s name to be changed, these are the options:

  1. File a name change petition.

This involves filing a Petition for Change of Name.

2. Change your name back to your maiden name or prior married name.

3. An adult’s name can be changed to conform to gender identity.

4. Recognition of gender change. So this is if you want to legally change your gender, with/without name change.

5. And court may not be necessary if you’re recently married, and want to change your last name to your spouse’s. You can contact your local DMV office, and social security office. And then use your marriage licence to ask to change your driver’s licence name, and social security card.


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