Staying Together ‘For the Kids’

Couples stay together ‘for the kids’

Younger kids are the subject of a lot of research on the emotional impact of divorce.

However, we don’t know much about the impact of divorcing when grown kids leave home.

Parents, sometimes, divorce only after their kids are grown.

This is because they want to avoid splitting during formative or teenage years.

Likewise, teenage years are an emotional period of time.

Additionally, empty nesters become more aware of them and their partner’s differences. 

Couples, without the kids around, suddenly realise that they have grown apart.

It’s important to think about how divorce affects older children.

For instance, US divorce rates are declining besides for adults over 50.

Furthermore, Constance Ahrons states that: 

“For parents weighing this issue of whether to wait, they have to ask themselves, 

‘How is this marriage affecting the kids?’ 

We tend to focus so much on how divorce affects children, but you have to remember they’ll have had 18 years of living inside of their parents’ marriage.”


What happens when one parent moves away (in terms of child custody)?

Divorcing parents often move away.

And sometimes judges change the custody rules as a result.

Custodial parents can travel and relocate; under certain circumstances.

However, if moving negatively impacts the child, judges might shift custody to benefit the child.

Divorce is really complicated.

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