The Wendy Williams Divorce: A Managerial Matter

Wendy Williams split from her manager, Kevin Hunter.

She filed in April.

Hunter would keep negotiation information from her up until the last minute.

Williams said, in a video found by The Blast:

‘I don’t care how big you get…Don’t just rely on your team to bring back the information because you’re such a big shot and you don’t have to be there…

I want to be in on the first conversation of the deal, and I want to be on every meeting until the deal is done.’

The media personality’s divorce decision arrived after more than two decades of marriage.

As a result of the divorce, Hunter was removed as executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show. 

Another outcome of the split was the end of ‘The Hunter Foundation’; the couple’s non-profit organisation.

In conclusion, Wendy’s decision to split was a professional, as well as an emotional, one.


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-provide access to books relating to transactions to inspect and copy

-give you true information on anything affecting a transaction relevant to community property

-tell you about any benefit or profit derived from any transaction relating to community property


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