Child Support: It’s Never Too Late

They say it’s never too late to say sorry. 

What comes around goes around, and sometimes 50 years pass before the score is finally settled.

A woman from Carlsbad, north of San Diego, has won child support 50 years after her divorce. Talk about overdue payments!

74 year old Toni Anderson has been given $150,000 for raising her daughter, now 52, as a single mother. 

The Californian mother is to receive $150000 in belated child support payments, the sum of what is owed to her, over several decades, from her ex-husband who relocated to Canada. 

Anderson reported to US media that she raised her daughter all on her own, after her and Donald Lenhart’s late 1960s divorce.

Lenhart neglected to do his part; to pay the required $210 dollars in child support over 30 months, and then $160 a month before his daughter’s 18th birthday. That was supposed to be the plan.

The former interior designer, Toni Anderson, described to CNN her ex-husband’s inability to fulfil his duty to her and her daughter, describing how: “He completely disappeared”. 

The woman struggled to get her daughter through college without child support; working several jobs and relying on food stamps.

This incident of total neglect may leave you with questions about child support, and how you can make sure you know what you’re owed. It wasn’t until last year that Anderson realised what she was entitled to, a discovery that inspired her to locate her ex-husband in Oregon.

How long does a parent have to pay child support?:

Legal support duty lasts:

-until the child turns 18, and graduates from high school

-turns 19

-marries, dies, or is legally free in some way, such as joining the military

the court can order that both parents continue support for a disabled child that cannot support him/herself


What kinds of expenses are included in the monthly child support calculation?

-monetary support (food, clothing and shelter)

-health insurance

-back payments

-interest on back payments

Other expenses can be ordered by the judge or agreed to by the parents including:

-child care

-unpaid medical bills

-travel cost for visitation

-extracurricular activities including sports, lessons, and field trips


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