Morse Taylor is of counsel to the Law Offices of Vincent Miller, and is an experienced civil and criminal litigator with over 50 years experience in California trial courtrooms, Appellate courts, Federal courts, and other jurisdictions, foreign and domestic. He has litigated successfully against many of the top level insurance defense law firms and against many respected business and entertainment law firms. During that time, he has established relationships with many of those firms, who continue to refer cases and clients to the Law Offices of Vincent Miller. Mr. Taylor has been a partner in several law firms and has acted as general counsel to some business clients.

Mr. Taylor has found that litigation requires deep experience to define, evaluate, and accomplish the client’s goals. Litigation costs have risen precipitously, while the predictability of outcome has declined, due to the statewide budget cuts, changing demographics, and the increased burden on the judicial system as a whole. Today, a more creative approach to adverse legal action is needed, as courtroom confrontation does not solve every problem and too often results in post litigation issues, even for the victorious party.

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